Friday, January 19, 2018

Sol=my morning

Today I woke up at 5:00 and took my brother to an early school thing and then I went back to my house.then I went on my xbox to update this game almost everyone on YouTube has been talking about called fortnite.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

One word blog

i am Matthew and my one word is better the things I want to get better and is time with my family,sports,gaming,and at school. Family I want connect more with my family and do all sorts of things. A way I hope to complete that is by making time for them.sports I want to get better at shooting in ways I hope to get better at it is practice a lot in my free
I want to get better at math and the way I hope to practice and practice so I can get better.

Monday, December 18, 2017

The outsiders

There are similarities between the book and movie. Similar:ponyboy is writing a story and Later that night Ponyboy,dally,and johnny were going to the movies. But in the book they met cherry and ponyboy and johnny told dally to leave cherry alone but it doesn’t mention about how they went to the food court at the movies.
One difference I saw in the movie.
In the book they talk about sodas girlfriend sandy but in the movie they don’t talk about sandy

The perfect holiday

The perfect holiday for me is Christmas because it is a time of joy and brings everyone together and you give n get gifts to your special loved ones. Kids and parents sit around the Christmas tree and open up gifts. Also going to your aunts or uncles house and celebrating eating food and playing or wearing your new Christmas gift. Playing in snow building snowmen and making snow forts and having snowball fights. Drinking hot coco snuggled up in blanket playing board games or watching movies.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The simpsions ride

There it was the simpsions ride I couldn't believe my life i went to universal 2 times and this summer maybe a third time but lets get to the point.the simpsions ride was right in front of me we got in line then... were up I'm so excited the ride is 3D. First one start off behind homer and his family and then we hit there cart by accident and they went flying down and then the evil villain. Took control of the roller coaster and then we went fly all around Springfield we somehow got to  Florida and we got into  sea world oh wait did I mention that Lisa and Bart got tooken by the evil villain. Forgot one more thing their daughter Maggie went into a nuclear power plant and she is now looking like King Kong.
And I believe not to sure about this. But i think that Maggie give the evil villain to the police offers and then they save the town.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My identity

I am a boy also i am 12 years old.
I love to text my friends and play games I am extremely lazy i need to do chore i have short silkey hair I am 5,0 or 5,1 something like that I have a lot of friends most of them like to goof around some of my friends are girls... the reason i am friendly is because i make a lot of joke and do stuff that a normal person would do as a dare. I really don't care what my friends think of me they can think whatever they want of me. I love to play basketball and go to the park with my friends sometimes we meet up with our friends from freedom middle school i did wish they go to our school because if they did that would be awesome.i was born may 20th 2005.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Jarassic park water ride

The Jurassic park water ride only one minute until we got on the ride.
Were on the ride it starts we see peaceful plant and a apatosaurus a long necked dinosaur.
Then there was a boat sinking in the water and the boat went into the restricted area and the guy on the radio.then we looked up and we saw a cage with raptors and its was on a hook and the hook got loose and then. The cage feel but stop so close to hit but then we went up this stream or hill.
But the scarce thing was there was raptors inside
There was no way out the raptors shot there ink to blind us but none of us got blinded luckily.
Then we swerved to the right and there was a big Tyrannosaurus rex.
Then part of the second floor fell kinda making a slide and then got wet for the 15 or 20 foot drop.