Thursday, March 14, 2019

a odd week

So on the weekend I would usually play Fortnite or rainbow six siege but I said no screw that imma play Minecraft with the boys. So about like 7 or 8 friends of mine hop on Minecraft and our goal was to complete the game before Monday and let’s say that we might have achieved our goal. So my friend was host of the world or whatever you wanna call it but as soon as you spawn in the game you spawn right next to a village and we all decided to make that our house. So when we all got settled into the world and knew it pretty well at least 2 people would work on the miner base until we got the  team titans house built aka our mansion I would mine all the time. So basically when the first day was over we had a miner house all set and about 15 diamonds 3 stacks of iron 2 stacks of gold 5 stacks of red stone and 2 stacks of lapis all because of me and that’s because all I do it mine. We also had the access to go to the nether and explore the other world that was filled with evil mobs that can kill you and make you loose all your items. Then the next day we were able to find the area to go to the end to fight the ender dragon. But first we had go to the nether and kill blazes for the blaze rod to make this powder and make the eye of ender and we 12 and we only had 4 so as the day went on we tried to get 8 more. And while doing that we were able to get wither skulls and you need 3 and we had 2 and if ur not sure what the wither skull does 1. It’s a very powerful boss and 2nd. You need soul sand and 3 wither skull to summon him. So the next day Sunday we had to achieve our goal which was to complete the and the way to do that is by killing the dragon and to kill the wither. So that morning we killed the dragon which was awesome because we get a lot of levels. Then later that day we were able to fight the wither. But before that we had to prepare because the wither is more powerful than the dragon. So my friend was able to make potions to help in the fight and he made strength and health potions. And forgot to mention that we all had diamond swords with enchantments and bows but irons amor that’s all. And when the time came to fight the wither remember there was 8 of us and we took it out in 7 seconds And after that we complete the game.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

My highest squad game

So a couple of days or weeks ago don’t know which but me and my friends Jmonti and crave we decided to play squad fill because we wanted a random fourth I forgot what his gamer tag was but he was on ps4 we landed tilted of course and he was the first one to die which was a bummer. So unlike all randoms that leave when they die this one stayed because we said that we would catch him the dub. So after cleaning tilted out with 16 kills total we went over to like the soccer field area we saw like 2 squads fighting so we third party and killed both squads which left us with 21 kills and 53 people left. as the population was dying down we started rushing people and we make are way back over to tilted to find a squad of  3 then this squad of r third party and they got wiped out so we had 27 kills. So then we made our way over to loot lake and we saw two squads that barley started fighting and we took out 1 squad and this other squad stayed and we killed them. So then we had kills 35 with 28 people left so then we made our way over to pleasant park and 1 squad was their we killed the and the thing that almost cost us the game was this third party team of 2 and we got lucky enough to kill them. After wiping out squads after another so we had 41 kills then we found a solo guy tryna pull a whole Tfue type stuff just for to died and we drop a 42 bomb

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

High kill game in fortnite w/jmonti

So on Saturday me and my friend were playing duo on fortnite and we decided to play aggressive. So when we got into the game we landed at retail row we both landed at the same building called dog house because we didn’t want to get knock and run across the street and die. When we landed dog house we got a total of like 4 kills then other people wanted to come kill us because they thought that we would be low on hp. But they all thought wrong he when clear out retail with 8 or 9 kills. Then we headed other to salty springs to find 2 more duos and we both bopped them but mostly me. After 5 minutes of roaming around the map with 12 or 13 kills we found a duo at polar peak and we completely wrecked them but one escaped into a stop that lead to another duo that almost kill us but we got lucky and we killed the, before a different team tried to third party us. The team that tried to third party were in a plane and they had to glide down to us and that took like 10 second which gave us enough time to heal up. After killing them we had 18 kills and then we started to head up this mountain and we saw a duo camping in a building. We thought oh these guys are got which was true but somehow they got really lucky and they killed us which ruined our 22 bomb.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The garden

A little garden
Fragrant and full of roses
The pat is narrow
And a little boy walks along it

A little boy, a sweet boy
Like a growing blossom
When the blossom grows
The little boy will be no more

I think the poem means that no matter what the Jews did they were going to die and that there was no hope for them

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Fortnite is a joke

yesterday I was very excited to play fortnite because of season 4 and I started to play some solos and when i found 2 lamas nothing much and then what triggered me the most is my shots don’t connect or people kill me without shooting. Also In one of the solo I was in a top 3 situation and me and this guy were fighting and the guy thtat was chilling kinda help me by taking his shield and 20 health off and the guy was 8 story’s above me and he drops down and kills me and I say how, I got really triggered that I started to play save the world.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Favorite book from quarter 3

My favorite book from quarter 3 is Harry Potter and the sourcers stone. It first starts of with Harry Potter the son of James potter and lily Evans potter. And Harry Potter’s parents are dead and they leave Harry at his parents friends house  or something and they are just ungrateful and their child Dudley it spoiled. Years later Harry Potter get invations to hog warts and Dudley parents won’t let him go. And later on Harry meets new friends and get accepted to the best roster. Read this boook to find out what happens next.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sol: most tiring day ever

Yesterday night I was doing some exercises on the exercise trampoline and I was tired but not to tired my legs were killing and then I realized I have gym tomorrow. The day after I had gym I had to do 13 minuet cardio after the cardio I was exhausted then my friends want to do a 3v3in basketball so I said fine my team won the game after the game I felt like my legs would break down and I would have to be in a wheel chair which I prayed for I wanted to sit down  but I stilled has to go to all of my classes.