Monday, March 12, 2018

Sol:getting kicked out the mall

last Saturday me and a few of my friends went to the north riverside mall to watch the movie black panther and had recliner seat and popcorn and icce. But after the movie we started to go to store like foot locker and game stop and then we went to go eat after eating we started to roam around the mall again. And then 2 security guards came up to the 5 of us kicked us out because we weren’t 18yo or older or we needed an adult and we were outside waiting for half an hour for our friends dad to get there an roam around the mall and then as soon as we got back in the mall. The craziest thing happen about 30 started running and we all see like 5-8 security guards trying to catch them all moments later the police show up it was funny but weird.


  1. Omg... was black panther good?

  2. Yes was it a good movie haven’t seen it but I really want to see Deadpool